Jan 13, 2023

The training for the Inclusive Impro-Theatre project was held by CEIPES from December 5 to December 7 at the association’s headquarters.

The consortium of the project, which includes partners from Romania, Greece, Ireland, Denmark, and Italy, intends to promote social participation among schoolchildren and avoid school drop-outs through improvisational theater.

A series of workshops that later resulted in the creation of a methodological manual with helpful advice on how to use these theatrical techniques were inspired by the partners’ discussions of various techniques used over the previous months with male and female students from primary, middle, and high schools in Palermo.

The main themes of this excellent group experience were sketches, exercises, and performances.

Not only that, but the consortium and training participants also had the chance to enjoy a cultural trip through the stunning Palermo, finding several intriguing locations from an artistic standpoint.

Finally, everyone participated in a drama workshop led by a professional actor who had graduated from Syracuse, Sicily’s Syracuse National Institute of Ancient Drama (INDA).

The CEIPES made every effort to make its visitors feel at home in its role as a host partner.

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